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Health Scare Becomes Health Care for Local Celeb

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Can there ever be a silver lining to a major health scare?  Yes… when it’s the proverbial wake-up call that jolts you into resolute corrective action, and a healthier, happier future!

It’s easy to go through life making the wrong choices when it comes to diet and exercise – slowly letting that number on the scale creep up.  Frequently there is that thought – “that will never be me,” or “I would never let it get that far” – when witnessing a health condition resulting from poor lifestyle habits.  The reality is – it can be you, it can be me, it can be any one of us, and it can happen more quickly than you think.

It happened to local celebrity and KFOG host Annalisa. With a family history of diabetes – her father, her uncle and now her older sister all were diagnosed with the disease.  Annalisa admits never really thinking it would be something she would have to personally deal with… until she did.  “I knew I had gained weight over the years and needed to slim down,” she says.  “But my job as a radio host enabled me to stay pretty much out of the limelight.”

Awareness struck hard after Annalisa’s sister suggested she take an at-home blood sugar test to assess whether or not she, too, was at risk. Results revealed she was diabetic.  Upon checking in with her physician, she was not only immediately put on diabetes medication, but hypertension medication as well.

For Annalisa, this scare was not without its silver lining, because it prompted her to finally take on her weight issue with resolve – and due to fellow host Renee Richardson’s rave reviews about JumpstartMD, she now had the right program to support and facilitate these changes.

Annalisa has now lost over forty pounds!  The next huge benefit – within three months on the program, she no longer required any diabetes medication and will be checking with her doctor about reducing or eliminating her hypertension medication as well.

 Annalisa reports greater confidence and quality of life as an added benefit of health turnaround.  “As for meeting listeners, it was always nice to see them…and now it’s nice being seen too…now that I’m back to a happy and healthy weight!”

This health scare truly transformed Annalisa for the better.  Sadly, she reflects on how the lives of both her father and uncle might have been extended and improved had they made similar changes. Annalisas feelings about the JumpstartMD program are clear, “Anyone can do this, but nobody should wait as long as I did before taking this on, and feeling this good!”

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