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Don't Let Foot Pain Stop You From Wearing Your Favorite Footwear

Expert insight from Webster Orthopedics surgeon, Dr. Edward Y. Tang

Dr. Edward Y. Tang

Don’t Let Foot Pain Stop You From Wearing Your Favorite Footwear

Expert insight from Webster Orthopedics surgeon, Dr. Edward Y. Tang

If you notice a bony bump at the base of your big toe, it could be the start of a bunion. Bunions typically develop over time and can be extremely painful. Dr. Edward Y. Tang, foot and ankle surgeon at Webster Orthopedics, says it’s important to treat a bunion right away.

“Along with pain in the toe, bunion pain can also spread to other parts of the body,” Dr. Tang says. “It can reach other parts of your foot as well as your hip, knee, and lower back.”

Dr. Tang says that people who suffer from a bunion typically experience pain when walking or running due to the bunion’s location at the basal joint near the big toe. Studies have proven that bunions are more commonly found in women than men because of the footwear women choose to wear, including high heels and other tight, poorly fitting shoes. This condition can also be due to heredity or age.

You may be suffering from a bunion if you’re experiencing the following symptoms:

• Angular or bony bump at the base of the big toe

• Swelling, redness, or unusual pain at the base of the big toe or ball of the foot

• Consistent pain when walking or running

If foot or ankle pain is slowing down your active lifestyle, it is important to consult a doctor right away. The foot and ankle doctors at Webster Orthopedics are dedicated to providing experienced, specialized treatment for any bone, joint, or muscle injury or condition.

Since 1939, Webster Orthopedics and its highly trained orthopedic specialists have provided Bay Area residents with excellent treatment and care for virtually every bone, joint, and muscle in the body. Through the practice’s five convenient locations, Webster Orthopedics offers care for sports medicine, spine (neck and back), hand and elbow, shoulder, hip and knee, foot and ankle, joint replacement, fracture care, pediatric and young adult sports medicine, open MRI, high field MRI, hand therapy, sports physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture care, and sports concussion management. Webster Orthopedics proudly serves as the official sports medicine providers for Granada High School and Livermore High School. For more information on Webster Orthopedics and its specialists, visit www.WebsterOrthopedics.com.

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